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Click on either logo to learn more about the products we carry.  BUCKEYE® Nutrition  EQ8® and Glucosamine products are not available in Canada


We understand. Your horse is your world. That's why we go to such great lengths to ensure that BUCKEYE® Nutrition feeds are made of only the best, certified ingredients. It's been that way for 100 years. And with our extensive line of quality formulas, you're sure to find the perfect feeding program for your horse. The foundation of our success dates back to 1910. With flagship products like Buckeye® Nutrition Gro 'N Win®, Cadence™, and Ultimate Finish™ to innovative solution based feeds, Buckeye® Nutrition is a brand you can trust.

WALTHAM® Pet Nutrition Centre provides the world-class science behind our brand and is widely renowned as an institution of the highest scientific calibre and technical expertise. Their team has pioneered some of the most important breakthroughs in animal nutrition, and has shared the results of the Centre's research via more than 1,500 publications, and regular communication with scientific and pet care communities.

Our tradition continues as an on-going commitment to innovation, feed testing, and cutting edge technology. It's nutrition you can trust.

Equine Choice

Some people believe that probiotics do not work for horses and they may have good cause to believe this. Some equine probiotic products do not actually contain true probiotic organisms and probiotic products that are contained in processed feed are often not live - or true probiotics. Many other probiotic products use temperature sensitive ingredients that are not live or reproducible and/or do not survive the stomach acid in significant enough quantities to be effective in a horse’s hind gut. 

The Equine Choice Probiotic and Prebiotic product contains organisms that the horse would get if he were grazing in a natural environment for several hours day and night. They are temperature stable, live, reproducing probiotic organisms that survive stomach acid and can reach the hind gut alive in large enough quantities to make a positive impact on the hind gut microbes.  They are not a drug and do not test.

Research shows that beneficial gut microbes are key players in maintaining healthy mucosal linings throughout the digestive tract. High numbers of these beneficial digestive microbes are important for effective digestion, allowing helpful nutrients to pass through intestinal walls and blocking unwanted substances from passing into the body cavity ( as happens with leaky gut syndrome).  The mucosal lining is an integral part of the body's immune system, is involved with hormone regulation, and plays an important role in hydration, ensuring proper water and electrolyte absorption is happening in the hind gut.

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